There is a post going around tumblr with tens of thousands of notes saying that I “announced” that a certain character in my book The Fault in Our Stars dies one year after the end of the book.

1. I have never said, written, or thought any such thing. (Photoshop is magic!)

2. If I had said,…

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I suppose it’s kinda stupid—

You’re not supposed to miss people that you were only close to for a few months, are you? 

But sometimes I think about holding you when you cried, or staying on the phone with you, and just—- y’know, forcing myself to keep breathing when things got really bad, because I had to make sure you were okay. 

I’m still always hoping that you’re okay. 

I’m funny that way. 

So I wrote a book and stuff. 

Check it out? <3 


Cover to PUNISHER WAR ZONE #2 by John Romita Jr and Klaus Janson.


Cover to PUNISHER WAR ZONE #2 by John Romita Jr and Klaus Janson.

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It shall be a good day— no, a GRAND day… because I fucking said so.

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It’s All Your Fault

You’re turning me into someone who’s a lot less dark and angry, and a lot more caring and warm. Instead of hating everyone and everything, I spend most of my time just thinking about how much I love you.

And oh my god, do I love you. It’s kinda crazy, actually, because the more time I spend with you, not only do I find you more physically attractive (goddamnit, you’re so cute) but every little thing you dobecomes more reason for me to love you— the little tilts of your head, the way you wrinkle your nose, the way you just get all cuddly and you won’t let go for anything at all.

Everything’s starting to work out, in my life, and I’ll tell you what— you’re probably the best part of it all.

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If you could see inside my head, you wouldn’t love me anymore.

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