I'm a whackjob of a self-made writer with a soft spot for kids, dogs, and cold pizza. I have more caffeine in my veins than I have anything else. I like deep, thought-provoking conversation, and I do my best writing-- and thinking-- by candle-light.


And that—

Is enough for bullshit Tumblr posts. 


Time for a beer and bed. 

I’d have been really good at it, I swear

We’d have played catch and all that, and I’d have made sure you knew that you could tell me anything. 

Come back, okay? 

To my enemies and my false friends

I wish you people would really understand me, you fucking idiots. 

Maybe one day, I can show you what a real monster looks like. Then you’ll fucking get it. Then you’ll finally understand what it’s like for me, just waking up in the morning. 

I miss you

I miss you, and I never even got to meet you. 

J. Bozlinski

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I hate shared Facebook accounts between couples

"oh, it’s because we have nothing to hide from each other!" 

1) If that were really and truly the case, I doubt you’d feel the need to make some kind of “statement” to the contrary

2) That’s all well and good, but what if one of your friends— *your* friends, not your significant other’s friends— wants to talk to *you*? God forbid it’s about something personal. I love my fiancee, but we both have our own friends, as well as the ones we share. I don’t need to know everything she talks about with Katie, do I? No.

So fucking obnoxious. Sometimes the only reason I don’t unfriend those people who do that is I’m not willing to put up with the ensuing drama. 

I told her once I wasn’t good at anything. She told me survival is a talent.

Susanna KaysenGirl, Interrupted (via collapsed)

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Neil DeGrasse Tyson Ruins Your Zombie Fantasies Forever - Video

Love this bit

"just sayin’"

He’s thought about it though. One of the greatest minds of our generation sat down one day and was like “wait, could zombies exist?” And then he did the science thing and was like “nah we’re good.”